HTTYD theme park Flythrough

This is a very low res, and I will try find a way to upload a bigger video. 


CCV cave climb vehicle. First time built, rendered, and lighted in modo.

GRAD show

This was my wall for the grad show. The middle one was the push button light box that was built by me with all the lights and print. Print was Lexan Day/Night [C/W/C] Reverse. The light was 12v LED light that can only be lighted with 12v battery. I wanted battery because I didn't want any wires to show out of the box. On the left of the box, it tells you specific details of the lighted section. Total 4 buttons and they were successfully lighted. 

HTTYD Package


How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) is one of my favorite featured animation. Riding and petting dragons like dogs and cats is just awesome way to raise and be friends with them. Everyone thought about riding a  dragon at least once, and if it comes true they will eventually interested in riding one. So here it is my theme park based on this movie, riding a dragon.

First, there is a overview (bird's eye) that shows the entire park. My theme park has lots of different interactive park section such as a green dome next to the ride, which I showed inside view in the third pov paint. Characters and dragons introduce themselves inside the dome projection for who have never watched HTTYD. Suddenly, Hiccup tells them to escape, and they ride on the dragon rides.

Other section of the this themepark has a farm animal barn where you can pet and feed them. Playground is also interactive space for kids to play and train by riding a wooden dragon.

I am glad to find theme park design as my career, and I am still learning and studying about theme park. 


Acrylic & Charcoal & Watercolor






Black&White Prismacolor



Black Prismacolor

These works were done during Viscom 5 with acrylic and other dry materials. The last piece was to copy one of the famous artist with limited acrylics, and I chose Girl Fishing by John Singer. 


Food Chain Creatures

Out of all the environments, I chose the under water cave. Urchinalaba, the fish, is the weakest creature out of three, and Kauai Sea Wolf, the water spider loves eating Urchinalaba. Lastly, Echolobat is the strongest species of all. The common physical design factor is that they do not have eyes (for sight).
The final work shows Urchin is trapped in an underwater spider web, and Kauai is shown going after its prey.