How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) is one of my favorite featured animation. Riding and petting dragons like dogs and cats is just awesome way to raise and be friends with them. Everyone thought about riding a  dragon at least once, and if it comes true they will eventually interested in riding one. So here it is my theme park based on this movie, riding a dragon.

First, there is a overview (bird's eye) that shows the entire park. My theme park has lots of different interactive park section such as a green dome next to the ride, which I showed inside view in the third pov paint. Characters and dragons introduce themselves inside the dome projection for who have never watched HTTYD. Suddenly, Hiccup tells them to escape, and they ride on the dragon rides.

Other section of the this themepark has a farm animal barn where you can pet and feed them. Playground is also interactive space for kids to play and train by riding a wooden dragon.

I am glad to find theme park design as my career, and I am still learning and studying about theme park. 

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